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Breaking Through "Past" Conditioning

A message of HOPE for deeply transformative times

"The only real unconditional love, unless you are fully awakened, is your own inner stillness."

~Kim Eng

As part of the human evolution in consciousness, we are being called to transcend and transmute all our family's toxic behavioral patterns.

This includes not only dealing with all that suffering that has happened in our childhood, but also the suffering that is imprinted in our cellular structure. This includes the suffering of our ancestors, our parents, grandparents, and grand grandparents.

However, although beautiful in concept, this process of breaking free from past conditioning is far from being easy, or fast, or straightforward.

In fact, It's hard work.

And at times we might even feel exhaustion, despair, deep fear, hopelessness, shame, guilt, intense sadness, deep-rooted grief, discouragement, misery, despondency, or any other deep dark emotional state of Mind!.

The good news is that IT WILL PASS!

It will get better.

In fact, it is already better!

Every single step you make is progress. And you will come to the other side!

At least, A happier, lighter, stronger version of yourself.

You are willingly and voluntarily (sometimes more voluntarily than others) cutting the cords with all those patterns, that pain, and suffering that we (as a species) don't want to pass on to our future or to future generations.

And know, that those dark times, emotions, feelings, and thoughts you experience, those are the ones you are helping all of us to release and let go of.

So Thank you for transmuting fear, pain, selfishness, sadness, harness, and cruelty into COURAGE, LOVE, ALTRUISM, JOY, KINDNESS, COMPASSION.

YOU are building the path for others to follow.

You are BEING A SOURCE OF PURE INSPIRATION (Both physically and energetically).

Because, in the end, we are ALL ONE.

Just because we appear to be separated, there's a connection on a deeper level.

On a quantic level, on an energetic level, on a cellular level, on a consciousness level.

And at times it can feel lonely.

It is a journey that each one of us has to go through alone.

No one can awaken or break free of our conditional patterns and go through the process for you.

But remember 2 things:

First, if we do feel lonely, is only lonely because we still have this expectation that someone should be there, helping us, supporting us, completing us;

Second, someone is always there!!!

Sometimes they are not in physical form.

However, as we go through this process, we are never alone.

We are ALL in this together.

Each one of us playing their own part in the group.

And although no one might be physically there supporting and telling you "you can do it", EVERYBODY who is or has crossed that same path it's there in presence.

Standing and cheering for You:

"You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! You can make that transformation."

And if we can remind ourselves of that, that alone feeling begins to dissipate and disappear.

And the whole process of outgrowing our mental and emotional conditioning becomes easier and cheerful.

And the good thing is that because no one is actually there, they can't actually push you or press you, just kindly and gently encouraging you and waiting for you on the other side.

When you are ready!

Breaking free of "Toxic" patterns is in many things like a flower blooming, there's a point where it just keeps blooming and blooming, and no matter what we do or think, we just can't make it bloom any faster.

And it's not good for us to try to.

All you can do is continue to slowly but steadily disconnect from all that "old story", that pain, anger, "toxic" mental patterns.

And Trust, that slowly but steadily you are becoming a more Natural, Joyful, and Spontaneous version of Yourself.

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