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Conscious Manifestation

The art of Soul-Creating with the Universe.

“The world is like a mountain; your echo depends on you”.

~ Rumi

As energetic beings living in a vibrational world, we held an incredible power within us to influence and attract what we want to experience in life.

Some call it, the Law of Attraction or the Law of Manifestation. But what it means is that our state of Being (our thoughts, emotions and actions) has a certain energetic vibration that interacts and influences our surroundings and calling to us something that matches it.

That's why we sometimes feel stuck, attracting the same kind of experiences, relatiosnships, jobs, friendships... I like to think that it's our soul giving us another oportunity to free ourselves and transcende that specific emotional/behavioral pattern.

Ultimately, it's the unprocessed emotions and mental patterns in us that emit a certain frequency that ends up matching and calling in that same kind of experiences into our lives.

Simply put, this energetic interaction between us and the environment can happen in three different ways: unconscious manifestation; mind-based manifestation and consciousness-based or conscious manifestation.

Unconscious manifestation emerges from our unprocessed beliefs, thoughts, and unacknowledged emotions.

As Carl Jung puts it, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Meaning that unless we bring awareness to the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that rule our mind and heart, we never know what we will end up creating.

Secondly, there is the Mind-based Manifestation also known as Manifestation.

This is when we start to intentionally co-create with the Universe.

The idea behind it is that to in order to attract what you want into your life, you need to become an energetic match to it. In other words, if you want to attract more love into your life you cultivate loving actions, emotions, beliefs and thoughs in yourself. And if you want to attract more money into your life you cultivate abundance actions, beliefs and thoughs in yourself.

In order for it to "work", it requires: (1) a Clearcut Vision of what you want to manifest, (2) Clearance of any Blocks and limiting beliefs (e.g. it will not be easy for the universe to bring you love or money if you feel like you don't deserve it), (3) Focused visualization (preferably one where you see yourself having the object of desire and focus on how it makes you FEEL), and (4) Being Open to how the Universe manages to bring it to you.

Although undeniably powerful (and even joyful!), this form of manifestation is still quite limited and rooted in our conditioned self (i.e. the rules we learned from family, society, and community). On what we Believe/ Think will make us happy or bring us satisfaction.

As emotional beings we don't want things just for the sake of having them. We want the joy, comfort, pleasure, or even power that we associate with the mental image of owning them. Nevertheless, this look for completion and fulfillment in external objects/experiences/persons is fed and feeds the ego's sense of lack and perpetual need for more.

So, how can we outgrow this sense of lack and manifest a healthier life, a better living situation, a fulfilling career, a loving relationship?

The answer is quite simple actually. But it's more of a jouney and less of a quick fix.

"Seek first the kingdom of God within, and then all things shall be added unto you"

(Matthew 6:33).

As human being we embody two different dimensions: the Human dimension and the Being dimension.

As Humans, we have a desire to contribute, to create, to do, to participate in the infinite expansion of the universe. This involves doing, thinking, experiencing, acquiring, evolving, and so on.

Nonetheless, as Beings, we also embody this deep longing for stillness and restfulness. This call to enter this self-less state of pure awareness where we feel at home wherever we find ourselves.

Is in this second dimension that rest the key to creating a Conscious fulfilling life.

The only manifestations that are fruitful are rooted in Inner Stillness and Pure Consciousness.

Why? First, because they transcend the person, the ego, the self.

Consciousness-based manifestation emerges from this deeper dimension of "fulness of life" within us that is inseparable from what we may call abundance.

The Powerful Manifestor is the one that is in touch with this fundamental state of Fullness, Beingness, or Consciousness within. He KNOWS he already inside whatever it may manifest outwardly. Love, Abundance, Clarity, Forgiveness, Patience...

He is the one that has already realize (and inhabit) that inner state of stillness and oneness with the universe ("the kingdom of God within") in a way that there's no longer any need or dependence on any external validation from the Universe.

This Sense of internal Freedom, Silence and Connectedness is where the real Magic starts...

*May this inspire you to find the Freedom, Love and Magic that you already are! 🤗❤️🙏

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