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We reached a time in evolution when simply teaming up to meet our basic needs for food, shelter, and security is not enough anymore. Modern relationships move beyond biological needs into the realm of psychological and spiritual fulfillment. They are full-on journeys where each companion commits to total creative expression as an individual and a couple. Sanctuaries that allow us to fully integrate our physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

As a journey, conscious relationships require the continuous development of emotional intelligence, communication skills, and the ability to understand and empathize with others. They constantly propel us to expand our courage to love and accept ourselves (and another) completely. However, given that individual expansion is not an easy and sparkly process, conscious relationships are as much of a challenge as a gift. Nonetheless, the reward is a relationship that meets our most fundamental needs for security, love, belonging, and personal development.

The key? Mastering the art of radical honesty. Listening and speaking with an open heart and mind can be one of the most transformative features of a relationship. It takes commitment, responsibility, and authenticity. However, when two individuals come together and commit to this path of evolution they have an opportunity to expand themselves beyond what they could do alone.

Commitment to Growth

The truth is that we’re here on this earth to grow. Physical, psychological, and spiritual expansion is our soul’s main purpose. This means that to continuously bring love and aliveness to the relationship, each partner ought to learn to welcome change into his/her life. Ultimately, in a conscious partnership, both individuals should favor striving towards expansion even at the risk of out-growing the relationship.

Radical Responsibility

Bonding closely with another person will inevitably trigger emotional wounds from the past. This challenges both partners to be willing to look at the current concerns in the relationship and owning their issues. Claiming full responsibility for how events turned out helps to dissolve old dysfunctional patterns and prevents time and energy to be wasted in empty attempts to find blame and fault. Additionally, this commitment to bring awareness on your ego-defensive mechanisms as they emerge progressively turns defensiveness into authenticity.

Truth and Authenticity

The opportunity to experience and reveal to another the parts of us that are hard to share is invaluable. Still, complete authenticity asks us to melt those walls around our hearts and open up to our most profound feelings and thoughts. Indeed, if there are any concerns or topics we’re afraid to speak about, those are the ones we ought to explore with our partner. Certainly, this art of welcoming all feelings in the conversation is edgy and not easy to do. Nevertheless, the foundation of genuine love rests on letting others be unapologetically themselves.

Finally, ultimately conscious relationships are a crusade of self-discovery and realization. The Irish philosopher John O’Donohue says it so beautifully: "You can never love another person unless you are equally involved in the beautiful but difficult spiritual work of learning to love yourself." Because it's when you discover the deeper universal love within that a completely different kind of love emerges. A love rooted in acceptance, appreciation, and ultimate freedom.

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